Double-Sided Tapes

We stock a wide range of double-sided tapes for a variety of applications, including:

SB100 General Purpose Tissue 110mic

Rubber Resin Adhesive.
General purpose lightweight fixing of paper and card.

SB700 High Tack Tissue 170mic

Acrylic Adhesive.
High tack for laminated surfaces.
Suitable for lamination to foam.

SB800 Clear Polypropylene 60mic

Clear Acrylic Adhesive.
Good plasticiser resistance.
Ideal for nameplates.

SB900 High Tack Tissue 170mic

Acrylic Adhesive.
Tacky adhesive suitable for difficult laminated surfaces and general applications where a high bond is needed.

SB4064 Clear Polyester

Perm / Peel Adhesive.
Removable adhesive on one side makes this tape ideal for temporary window posters.

SB5051 White pvc 250mic

Ultra High Tack Acrylic.
Very tacky adhesive will bond most materials.
Extra thickness allows for rough or uneven surfaces.
High UV and ageing resistance.

SB400 Transfer Adhesive 12mm wide

Fits standard ATG guns for speedy application.

SB1024 Bonding Adhesive 1mm thick x 12mm

Rubber Resin.
Pure rubber resin adhesive extruded in to tape form.
Non-hardening and permanently flexible. Non-toxic.
Ideal for polypropylene Estate Agent Boards.

Normount V2800 Polyurethane Foam 0.8mm Acrylic

High performance ‘all weather’ exterior tape.
Excellent conformability. UV stable.

Beautabs Foam Tabs 1.0mm thick

Rubber Resin.
For general display and exhibition applications.
25 x 25mm and 25 x 12mm.
Thickness of foam allows for uneven surfaces.
Also in tape form 9,12,19 and 25mm wide.

Velcro Adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners

High Tack Rubber Resin.
Ideal for exhibition work and temporary/removable signage.