Aslan Sign Vinyl

Aslan 114 Series

The universal opaque 3-5 year film 70mic in 29 gloss and 17 matt colours.

Matt colours have a semi-permanent adhesive.

Aslan 118 Series

Premium 7 year polymeric film 70mic.

Available in 39 high gloss colours, this high quality film has excellent processing properties.

The softer face film makes it easier and faster to weed and gives it excellent conformability.

Aslan Specials

CA23 Metallised 50mic polyester with minimum 2 year outdoor durability available in gloss and brushed silver and gold, gloss.
Translucent gold, brushed steel and brushed copper.

CA30 Metallised 140mic pvc/polyester laminate. For longer term applications minimum 5 years. Digitally printable.
In gloss and matt brushed finish in same colours as CA23.
All the Aslan metallised films are coloured through the same in reverse.

FF400 FerroFilm 400mic polyethylene based flexible self adhesive ferrous film 1010mm wide for magnets.