X-Film XF5 and XF5T
X-Film Decorex and Montext
X-Film D-GF Glass Decoration

XF5 and XF5T

XF5 Opaque Matt 3-4 year monomeric 100mic, removable adhesive, 63 colours, 1260mm wide.

XF5T Transparent Gloss 3 year monomeric 90mic, semi-perm adhesive, 36 colours, 1260mm wide.


A range of decorative films for indoor and outdoor applications.

XF7T 7299 Translucent Gold 4 year polymeric 80mic 1260mm wide.

XF3G 3300/3302 Opaque 2 year monomeric gold and silver 72mic 630mm wide.

D-MXD 500/502/550/552 Gloss and brushed Silver and gold 5 year metallised pvc 75mic.
Suitable for digital printing. 1220mm wide.

D-MX 300/302/303 Gloss Silver, gold, copper metallised petp 50mic, semi-perm adhesive.
Short term outdoor life. Easy Liner for bubble-free dry application. 1m wide.

D-MXC 301/304 Matt Silver and gold metallised petp-al and pvc laminate 170mic, semi-perm adhesive.
Short term outdoor life. 1m wide.

D-LX Fluorescent monomeric 120mic, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green and Red, removable adhesive, 1220mm wide.
Short term outdoor life.


FT-MS transparent embossed polymeric pvc re-usable medium tack application tape with glassine liner 1220mm wide.

D-GF Glass Decoration

D-GF ClassicLine/ColourLine 80mic polymeric 5-7 year 1220mm wide.
Available in a range of etched effects and 4 pastel colours.

D-GF SparkleLine 80mic cast 7 year 1220mm wide with enhanced metallic flake sparkle.

All D-GF films give excellent results printed by (eco-) solvent and UV ink jet.