Sundry Items

X-Film Doming Kits

Clear flexible doming resin applied by a dispensing gun with mixer nozzle for the doming of printed labels. Adds value to small run labelling jobs by giving that prestigious raised effect to the label. The resin remains flexible over time, is uv stable and scratch resistant.

Olfa Knives and Blades

We stock a range of Olfa cutters and replacement blades.

Swann Morton

Swann Morton scalpel handles and blades. Ideal for those intricate weeding jobs.

Application Aids

We have a range of squeegees and rollers to aid vinyl application.

Sign Stripes

A range of colours for striping in 10m rolls 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm wide.

3M Spray Adhesives


The number one cfc-free studio adhesive. Allows for re-positioning, ideal for layouts, paste-up and artwork.


A clean cfc-free spray for the permanent mounting of photographs, prints and illustrations.


Heavy duty cfc-free adhesive for exhibition and display work. Suitable for both porous and non-porous materials.

SignArt Products

A range of fluids for removal of vinyls/adhesive, surface preparation and application.


Anti-static all plastics cleaner.


Adhesive remover spray.

Fusion Adhesive

Rapid bonding adhesive for acrylics.

Fusion Surface Prep

Plastics preparation cleaner.

Glue Clean

Vinyl film glue remover.

PoliFlex Remover

Aerosol spray for the removal of PoliFlex textile decoration film.


Cleaning fluid to refresh the appearance of old signs.

VFR Liquid

Vinyl film remover liquid.

VFR Thixo

Vinyl film remover gel.

Vinyl Fastac

Vinyl positioning fluid.


Aereosol spray vinyl letter and digital print liquid laminate.